With pleasure, tension and sometimes pain, what is prime is the mental experience

Enjoying to imagine being punished, tied, humiliated and/or similar is not absurd. The imagination is free and however outrageous or extravagant our fantasies are, it will be just that. But if we talk about turning them into reality, the numbers found are more conservative, only between 7 and 14% of people make them a reality. Undoubtedly, these percentages would be higher if they included those who opt for innocent games such as blindfolding, a few spanking or using the famous wives.
Increasingly, through media influence, it is encouraging that we speak without so much discussion of the subject and reviving creativity in several bedrooms.

The practice of sadomasochism comes from “BDSM”, which is the initials of the words Bondage and Discipline (B&D), followed by Dominion and Submission (D/S) and combined with Sadism and Masochism (S&M). Among their varied practices involve a voluntary and consensual exchange of power between two or more people to create sexual tension, pleasure and sometimes pain. It is necessary to mention that sex does not necessarily exist, in most times what is the premium is the mental experience.

Well, now let us know the terms most used by this stream:

– Bondage.- It comes from the bind, or tie. Here the use is made of various restrictions like chains or strings to immobilize a person provoking in her or him a really intense experience not only at the corporal but mental level.
– Masochist.- It is known as the person who enjoys through pain.
– Sadist.- It refers to the person who enjoys while causing pain.
– Vanilla sex.- It is known more like conventional sex, where the main element is vanilla extract to give it that touch of flavor.
– Spanking.- This is a discipline focused on giving or receiving spanking, either with the hands or using whips, belts, etc. It is said that when receiving these lashes there is a greater blood flow in the area and this allows the Spankee, who receives it, to experience a high level of pleasure. Then Spanker would be the one who “mistreats” or abuses.

If this has called your attention and want to start in this type of alternative games or you can simply want to break the routine, here are some very basic ideas, reminding you that your practice should not scare anyone:

Sensory deprivation: Not being able to see or not be able to hear anything accelerates the sensations of the body. To start you can try a blindfold. This is where the game starts, where the master caresses the submissive, you can whisper a fantasy to him, here you can make him suffer as much as he wants or decide until when he will allow you to follow.

Immobilization: Here, it is important to remember that the person who ties should check that it does not fit too much. It is not necessary to cause pain, as long as the submissive person does not ask for more, it is necessary to take into account that the blood circulation should not be cut, therefore it is alleged that it is prohibited to perform it in the neck. In fact, for beginners, it will suffice that they generate the sensation of not being able to breath. Indispensable, always have scissors at hand as the tied can become overwhelmed or something hurts or may even lose consciousness.

Whipping: If you want to try this, start with the hand and focus on the buttocks, but only buttocks. To give these slaps you have to know where and how to do it. Time is what you will have most to perfect your skills. More things, such as heating, referring to the act of caressing an area for a long time, this works more to relax the couple and after this dedicate themselves to “punish”. The main objective is that the person receiving it is relaxed, that the blood circulation is gradually concentrating in the area and this increases its excitement. In short, the idea is to go from less to more and we must remember that pleasure is not necessarily in force, but in that playfulness full of mischief.

Security words: To complete the atmosphere of this practice you can include some words that generate power between the person who dominates and who is subjected, either to stop or generate more excitement. This is already a matter of imagination and depends on the tastes you have to express your level of joy. Words like “No” or “stop” are not accepted for this discipline.

To know more about these practices, there are several initiation workshops, books and countless websites, as well as introductory readings to the world of BDSM. If what you are looking for is just to see and know about these rituals, at Blue Night Club, we offer you various thematic shows in which we incorporate elements such as whips, handcuffs and even you can participate and be part of one of the blindfolded victims.