The Girls

Do you know how far your imagination can go? If you have not had the best night of your life at Blue Night yet, we do not believe it.
What you have not yet imagined that you can spend on an ideal night, is waiting for you inside our space. A unique and luxurious space within the most awakened city in Europe.
We put at your disposal all the necessary elements to express all your desires and fantasies in the most deluxe atmosphere of the erotic world of the city of Barcelona.

There is nothing more beautiful than the body of a woman. We know it and they know it too. That’s why we do think in a place with the best girls and the best bodies, so that you can make use of all your desires and fantasies in it. A place where the limits of imagination and desire do not exist. Imagine a place where there is no order or obligation to look at. A place to enjoy all that beauty without prejudice, freely, blowing your imagination.

In Blue Night Strip Club you will find the best professional dancers to discover all the secrets and charms of pole dance and striptease. A site perfectly adapted to your needs, designed for you and your most hidden desires and fantasies, hand in hand with the most beautiful women in Europe.
The girls, our girls, are ready to hypnotize you with every move and make all your senses awake in a totally blue night. They are from various parts of Europe, but their place seems to be here, dancing and moving for you inside a unique space at night.

Let yourself be swept by its moving curves, making you forget the clock and taking you where you had not imagined. Blue Night is not just a nightclub, it is also the key to the world of the most beautiful girls in Europe; The VIP card to the world’s most erotic and sensual content throughout the city. Do not hesitate to think about where to end one night if you want luxury, fun and eroticism. We are here to serve you and to make you enjoy yourself.
Enjoy with the eyes, the ears, and delight your palate with the best glasses. Everything is perfectly thought for you and your most intimate desires and most hidden fantasies, which you may not yet know and you can experience in Blue Night.

Our professional dancers are willing to give it all in their hottest and most sensual themed shows throughout the city.
Come discover them and discover yourself in an uncontrolled universe. Let yourself be carried away by everything you have to show you without saying a word. Do not let them dance to
There is nothing more sensual than talking with looks and body attitude, and our girls are great experts in this ritual of desire and sensuality.
Relax in the most exclusive party atmosphere in Barcelona with our continuous shows, thought only so that you do not stop enjoying and receive everything you have come to look for. Enjoy the most spectacular alternative of nightlife you can find, in a night full of erotic content, unforgettable fun in the most awakened city in Europe.

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