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Stripper Barcelona

Blue Night is the Strip Club of Barcelona that offers you the best strip show.
Enjoy the erotic and sensual dance of the best Strippers in Barcelona and let yourself be carried away by its sensuality and its rhythm. You will lose your breath when you see our Strippers. They will make you sigh at every piece of clothing they drop. Feel how your instinct goes off with every movement, enjoy your choreography and your bodies. The best strippers in Barcelona will stimulate your eyesight, your hearing, and all your senses. You can not stop worshiping our dancers.

We offer you the most luxurious strip club in Barcelona, ​​with the most elegant and worked shows of the best Strippers in Barcelona, ​​gathering their experience and their great delivery of hours of training to achieve the best erotic shows.
Striptease has always been a successful show, as it is the most classic form of provocation and eroticism. But it really got popular thanks to the 1996 film Striptease , starring Demi Moore. During the filming, the actress trained with the best professionals on the American scene. That proves that the best strippers do not just make a show or a show. Blue Night strippers understand their work as an art and a way of expressing themselves. That’s why we are considered the best Strip Club in Barcelona.

Before the public, when everyone stares at their movements, the stripper becomes a seductive goddess who has the audience at his feet. In the twisting of his thighs. In the uncovering of a shoulder. In the sensuality of his hands sliding the strap of his bra. Come and see the best Strippers in Barcelona and enjoy their rhythm and their bodies.

Strippers Barcelona

Our stage is prepared every night to receive the best strippers in Barcelona. There are more than 60 professional dancers who continually make us enjoy the best party in the city.

They will make you discover all the secrets of the dance when they go up to the pole dance bars and start with the striptease show. You will be mesmerized with every move, be prepared that they also offer private shows for the VIP tables.