Sexual appetite as a carnal motor…

When we talk about sexual behavior and questioning about this, it is necessary to know that most ups and downs of the sexual appetite is controlled by the mastery that hormones act around our body.

The carnal desire we have both women and men to feel attraction for someone is due to the famous testosterone hormone.
However, there is a big difference between the amount of male testosterone than the female, but, this does not mean that men possess the gift of enjoying higher levels of desire. Well, it has been proven that the “weak sex” is so wonderful that it is more sensitive and even more susceptible to the effect of testosterone than that of men.

The desire in women is closely related to their ovulation cycle, because during this period, there are changes in the levels of hormones in their bodies. Which means that the days before the menstrual period, a great amount of estrogen is generated and for this reason the desire also increases, consequently, after these days, the hormones go down quickly and therefore lowers with them, the desire.
As for male desire, it is more impulsive because it originates and shoots from within, whereas in a woman this is caused mainly because there is a prior sexual stimulation, whether through sexual games, caresses, kisses or simply Using instruments that motivate their excitement. In this part it is important to mention that a good group of men go to exclusive places where they can give free rein to these senses and let this desire flow, either when delighting in shows directed exclusively for them, such as with pole dance or lap dance or simply going to a Strip Club, no matter what their choice, but the quality of shows that make them uninhibited all those feelings, for this reason we recommend the best nightclub in Barcelona, ​​Blue Night.
Similarly, in men the rise or fall of the sexual level may be completely different from theirs on more than one occasion, but it should be clarified that this does not mean that one of them does not like the other, Themes of sexual appetite involve different factors, as mentioned above.

If there is a high level of desire, it does not mean that a man or a woman wants to have sex at any time, place or situation.