Sculptural, sexy and exuberant Svetlana

“I am a woman of few words but a lot of action”, clarifies before starting the interview.
She is characterized by being a medium person and of thin texture with very pronounced curves. She is a woman of tan skin with long and blonde hair. Her face responds to an oval shape, has thick lips, a shaped nose and brown eyes that are torn and torn. Svetlana is distinguished by being a girl with great facial expression, she shows us her cheerful character and even though she does not seem to have, she has a very shy personality that makes her tender and sweet, who is always willing to give a smile. From childhood she imagined herself to be a great actress, she wanted to be on TV and belong to the world of fame. One of her favorite colors is violet, she says it makes her feel serene and full of relaxation, just as she likes pastel colors because she says they are in tune with her way of being. If she could choose a time in which she would have liked to be born would be in the 60’s, because it identifies with all the retro and vintage wave of that time, is considered a 100% romantic and the music she listen to is also, maybe this genre comforts her and she hopes to live one of the many ballads with which she rises or chooses at bedtime. It should be noted that this shy girl is one of the most beloved dancers and acclaimed by our visitors, because her lapdance show has been one of the most requested in our stag parties.