Of fetish and desires…

Throughout life and on more than one occasion we have heard of the term fetishism, but several people sometimes still confuse it with similar meanings, then this time we will speak fully of this.

Well, fetishism basically consists of adoring and worshiping something. In sex it results in an increase in sexual desire with the presence of an object, a part of the body or because of being in a concrete situation, as long as they are not the sexual organs themselves. Pleasure has no limits and to achieve this there are many forms.

Fetishism is one of the many ways to increase pleasure, many people feel more attuned to a particular part of the body, that seeing and touching them both produces sexual excitement and this practice has infinite ways of presenting itself. It should be emphasized that fetishism can also be towards specific odors and tastes related to sex and for this only the selection of aromas and/or lubricants that fit our necessary desires.

However, ¿How far does fetishism come?

It does not have limits! You can feel attracted to anything, everything can be an object of fascination, adulation and above all excitement. Among the most common has been finding attraction to materials such as latex or lace garments, skirts and underwear. It is also known that the parts of the female body that most envelop a fetish are the legs, breasts or buttocks. Here we find some curious facts, as it has been found that even a particular hairstyle can be the fetish of more than one. There are even people who feel this kind of fascination towards pregnant women, obese or elderly people.

Within art we have also been able to see it, fetishism is often found as a number of artists embody their tastes or obsessions in their works. Luis Buñuel, for example, and his fascination with the woman’s foot that appears in several of his films.

Fetishism can be toward sexual objects without which the person fails to feel arousal. Many of them are sex toys that, while not always necessary, are fun to try and some of them we can find it at the best strip clubs in Barcelona.

Paraphilia and types of fetishism

Paraphilia is a term that goes hand in hand with the fetish, as it comes to be the attraction for an object that is essential for sexual excitement. A person can not have sex without this paraphilic object. Within this practice there are endless types, depending on the object that causes attraction. Here are some of them:

Erythrophilia: being attracted sexually by people who blush
Siderodromofilia: being sexually aroused by trains
Brontophilia: being excited by storms
Pigmalionism: fetishism for statues
Tripsofilia: excitation to be massaged or to be done to wash the hair
Agalmatophilia: being attracted to naked mannequins
Altocalcifilia: feeling attracted to high heels

If you are curious and want to try some fetishism for BDSM (sadomasochistic fantasies) you can always inspire you with kamasutra postures. Do you dare?.
It sure puts a thousand and make them discover new forms of pleasure!