Come to know the biggest Strip Club in Barcelona.

Blue Night Barcelona


A beauty capable of causing trees to bloom just by watching her dance.

Blue Night Barcelona


A nymph out of the sea with a talent for stirring the waters with just one look.

Blue Night Barcelona


An amazing woman who can change the color of the moonlight at will.

Blue Night Barcelona


Keeper of your most hidden secrets. Whisper in his ear everything you dare not say to anyone else.

Blue Night Barcelona


A nymph with the fiery force of a volcano about to erupt. Hot lava flows through it.

Blue Night Barcelona


Creature raised among flowers, the only ones capable of competing with its beauty.

Blue Night Barcelona


Feel how the earth begins to shake when this beauty looks you in the eyes.

Blue Night Barcelona


Queen of party, dance and fun. She brightens your night just by hearing her laugh.

Blue Night Barcelona


Nymph of the dark powers, immerse yourself in her eyes without end until you forget your own name.

Step 1
Witness in
Blue Night The Cabin

The most hidden and luxurious corner of the fantastic forest of our Strip Club. A cabin cared for down to the smallest detail, for all those who seek to enjoy an unforgettable night in private.