Dare to…

Very recently, the market for adult toys has reached the eggs and bullets, these pieces differ basically in the form they have, with bullets being longer than eggs.

It is necessary to distinguish them from the Chinese balls that have another ball in their interior and that when making movement in the feminine body, they favor the strengthening of the vaginal muscles.

Eggs and vibrating bullets are more fun-focused. They have different rhythms and intensities of vibration so that you choose the one that suits you or play to go changing the way of stimulation.

You will find different sizes, shapes and materials. And you have them at very different prices the most economic you will find in stores starting at seven euros.

Some have a drawstring for easy pulling, others (bullets usually) can be used for stimulation during intercourse. Try to stimulate with them the clitoris during penetration, thanks to its small size is easy to handle and you will reach orgasm more easily. Or play with the vibrations on your body, just try to have fun.

Those who have remote control are great for playing as a couple. You can try it if she wears it while you go to dinner, while you take the remote for sure it will be a different dinner.

Some (of higher technology) include a free app that you can handle from the mobile, a whole world of possibilities at your fingertips.

It is advisable to use a lubricant when you use them, the sensation will be more pleasant and if you will introduce it in your body will do it more easily and without any discomfort. The lubricant you use will depend on the material made of the egg or the bullet, but with a water based lubricant you will never go wrong because it is worth for any material, keeping your toy many years in perfect condition.

It is also advised that you wash it before and after use to maintain proper hygiene and if you carry batteries even if you are going to be away without using your toy, although its current demand reflects that you will like it so much that maybe it will not stay long time saved.

All you have to do is choose one to start playing now, which you surely will not regret. Many of these novel toys are already being used to give away in stag parties for either the bachelor or his guests.