Be as pleasurable as tasty…

Tasting inch by inch, no matter the order, if you start from the bottom up or upside down, it only causes you to nibble and lick, complementing the pleasure of sex with the awakening of your senses that want to try more and more new things that awaken hidden desires or even make reality those fantasies that only appeared in your dreams. This is the purpose of edible sexy lingerie, dedicated to both men and women. We talk in a daring and playful way to eat in the most gustatory and literal way you can recreate in your mind. It is a pleasure that will not only arouse your libido and leave you wishing for more.

Here we conjugate three terms in one, because the purpose of the lingerie is to dress us inwardly. That is why it is also called as “underwear”, but at the time of choosing this garment there are several characteristics that depend on different criteria of either visual, usability, comfort or specific needs and this is how our second term appears “sexier” that would become the attributes in both color and shape that make it more attractive to the eye visually, physical and sexual. Imagine that, for example, what makes a panty more sensual or flirtatious than another and to complete this sensuality, how about if we give a plus and we make its material of manufacture is chewable and therefore, edible, with smell and with taste at the same time? forming an exquisite blend of tasting for all palates in a single garment, which we will devote to talk in this section of eroticism completely.

There is a variety of materials from a bold lace to different types of suede, vegetable fibers, and you will not believe it but there are even garments made with meat itself, meat that is simply smoked or dried to be preserved, no matter what they are because it fits perfectly with each type of occasion or sensation that pass through your the head and these clothes you can also complement them with other accessories that will go according to your subject or purpose of use. Of course, absolutely all are edible. Some not in total, but the great majority of these garments are and that is what produces a spicy and incomparable tingle to your partner, where the only protagonists are the senses again and again.

With this type of lingerie, which is part of the multiple erotic games that you can find at your disposal, what is attempted is to provoke in the other person the delight both taste and smell, as they come in a variety of flavors, you can choose from vanilla, coconut, chocolate, strawberry, grape, or citrus flavors like lemon, passion fruit, etc., not to mention colors, from transparent to black, some smaller, some larger; you can also customize them, depending on where you buy them. Is so much and the diversity so great that, for example, in some web portals exclusive to this business, you order them to manufacture to your measure and according to your creativity or according to the special use for a certain moment or occasion. Do you know that you can send candy and sweets so that these become a game and be removed with the other person’s mouth or whatever you want to get through your head?

Now that it is approaching February 14, “Valentine´s day”, this would be a great option where satisfaction is mutual and not only become something original to give away both for your partner and for your fun, but to make this special evening something fun in the privacy and in itself more exciting for both. It is worth mentioning that this idea would go very well for this date, but this is just a small detail of the many surprises that can be prepared and accompanied during this celebration. Open your mind and discover how much you can get to like your taste buds and your wickedly playful imagination.

But for people who are single or without a partner we also have an option based on this lingerie, it is not enough to just imagine or look at it through a screen, because in Blue Night, cataloged as the best nightclub in Barcelona. We offer you a striptease show dedicated to this edible lingerie based on a world full of goodies, treats and sweets that are in the body of our sensual dancers and that for an hour you can enjoy it alive and who knows if you´re gonna be lucky and be part of this show called “Dollhouse Show“, where our human dolls will gradually strip off their clothes until they are dressed only with cotton candy, jelly beans, chocolate dipped, lollipops and several goodies that you will only enjoy if you are present.

You decide what, when, how and why, so do not stay on the conventional border and allow yourself to experiment.