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Pole Show Barcelona

The pole dance is one of the most famous erotic spectacles in the world. At Blue Night Strip Club Barcelona we offer you the best and most elegant American bar dancers to challenge gravity and your imagination in an unparalleled musical and visual show.

Famous since the 80s and with great success today, the pole show is a discipline that combines dance, acrobatics and sensuality in a musical choreography. It is combinable with other disciplines of sensual dance, like lap dance and striptease, but without a doubt the pole dance is the maximum expression of energy and personality of the dancer.

During the pole show, the dancer uses a vertical bar as a stand, and with it unfolds her arsenal of hypnotic air movements parallel to the ground to show all the sensuality and flexibility of her body.

Blue Night strippers are professionals and retailers. With all the eyes of the public on them, each small gesture pulls thousands of stimuli in their audience.

Come to the best Strip Club in Barcelona and you will enjoy its incredible beauty and the most sensual shows you can imagine. Feel the force of your movements. He follows her body, moving to the rhythm of the most sensual music.

Enjoy with us the best pole show Barcelona. And also our striptease and lap dance shows. Or take the opportunity to organize an anthology bachelor party or a private party for a select group of friends.

Strippers Barcelona

Our stage is prepared every night to receive the best strippers in Barcelona. There are more than 60 professional dancers who continually make us enjoy the best party in the city.

They will make you discover all the secrets of the dance when they go up to the pole dance bars and start with the striptease show. You will be mesmerized with every move, be prepared that they also offer private shows for the VIP tables.